Which swivel office chairs and bow chairs are generally better?

Feb 26 2020

The general office is more suitable for swivel office chairs, and the meeting room is more suitable for bow chairs. Why is this? This is because the swivel chair is very convenient to move, so the area of ​​the land is generally relatively large. If it is a small room, then it is not recommended to use a swivel chair, there is no place to rotate and it takes up space.
In terms of flexibility, swivel office chairs are better than bow chairs. In terms of comfort, bow chairs are better than swivel chairs. Remember to choose a lift when choosing a swivel chair. Each person has a different height and can be lifted freely. Adjust the height that suits you, which will help your neck and waist relax.
swivel office chairs
The two types of chairs occupy different spaces. They can be moved with wheels, and the disc should be able to lift and rotate. This function is mainly needed if it is needed. If it is a five-claw office swivel chair, it is not necessary to use it in a place with a narrow space. There are many functions to this chair, so depending on the terrain, it is better to buy an arched foot with fixed armrests.

To sum up, the two types of office chairs, swivel chair and bow chair, have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that you set out according to your actual situation when buying. Don't follow the blindly and beware of being deceived.