Where Should Lumbar Support be Positioned Office Chairs?

Nov 24 2021

When we plan to purchase a series of chair for our office from modern task chair supplier, we often which type of ergonomic office chairs can meet our needs. Then, the lumbar support comes with our eyes, as one of the most important factors of purchasing an ergonomic chair.

What is the Lumbar?

Lumbar is a piece of our physical body anatomy, not just a buzzword used to trick the customers. The lumbar spine is a section of our spinal column in our lower abdomen. It consists of five of the thickest vertebrae, labeled L1 through L5. The lumbar is the lowest part of the spine. Then, the second-lowest section is the thoracic spine that supports our ribcage, and above it is the cervical spine which is primarily our back. The lumbar supports most of our upper body weight, so it has to withstand a lot of strain all day.

Why is Lumbar Support Important?

If our lumbar keep a prolonged period of strain, poor posture, or stress over time, it could lead to nerve pinches, tendons, and inflamed muscles. You can not underestimate the importance of the lumbar. Its functions are more than I mentioned before. Here are its other significant functions:

●It controls sensation and movement in our legs.

●It could protect the nerves connection that runs up and down our spine

●It allows the twisting and side-to-side movement of our torsoHence, if we have to sit for a long time, due to works or study assignments, we should avoid our bad sitting posture and habits.

Why Lumbar Support Chair is Important?

If we are an office worker and sit on a poor-quality lumbar office chair, the chair would cause long-term effects for our body. Compared with the modern training chair, the most outstanding the feature of lumbar support chair is it provides support for our back, reducing the stress from the lumbar.

Where Should the Lumbar Support be on My Office Chair?

Because different people have different body types, the lumbar support position is different for each individual. Therefore, we need to find out the ideal lumbar support position that is perfect for ourselves, rather than copy others’ lumbar support position.

To get an ideal lumbar support, custom office chairs are the best option. If we don’t have enough budget, ergonomic chairs that could adjust height and depth is another great option.

The Best lumbar support position is it could let the back has a rest and maintain the natural curves of our spine. We could run our hand along the spine and locate the inward curve, so as to find the lumbar part.

Adjusting Your Chair to Fit You Properly

After we find out our lumbar part, it’s time to adjust our chair to fit our back properly. But how? In order to help you make the chair provides adequate lumbar support, the following part would help you adjust the chair to accommodate your height.

●Seat Height: You need to adjust the seat height to ensure you could slightly overlook the computer screen, and to allow your feet could sit flat on the floor and the leg could comfortably bend to 90 degrees. You could adjust it through a lever or pump underneath the seat.

●Seat Depth: To adjust the seat depth, you need to sit with your back flat against the backrest, then leave at least 1 inch between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. If your chair is a modern lumbar office chair, the proper seat depth could support your lumbar.

●Lumbar: A high-quality office chair should support the natural curve of your lumbar spine, If you don’t have one, you need to create the support system on your own. Therefore, you could add a rolled towel or cushion between your lower back and the chair.

●Armrest: When you begin to adjust the armrest, you need to place your arms by your sides, and adjust the height of the armrest to be as same as the elbow height.

●Headrest: If your office chair equips with a headrest, you need to adjust the headrest to lie at the base of your head, in order to provide head support.

Additional Tips for Better Lumbar Support

Our physical body is complex and interconnected. It is not a great idea to over rely on the ergonomic office chair. We also need additional ways to avoid pain and injury. Here are the additional tips to help you make better lumbar support.

● Avoid crossing your legs for long times. This is the basic requirement for better lumbar support. Crossing your legs easily causes pelvic tilt, forward head posture, and shoulder arthroplasty. ●Avoid sitting for prolonged periods. Sitting on an ergonomic chair doesn’t mean you don’t need to stand up to relax other parts of your body. The longer you sit, the higher possibility of happening poor blood circulation. It is necessary to get up and move around each hour.

● Avoid slouching forward. This is a bad sitting habit that may affect your eyesight and form a bad posture.


All in all, a simple chair is a reflection of modern achievement. In addition to the lumbar support chair, you also could choose other chairs for your specific needs from high quality office chair suppliers, a suggestion from professional China Office Chair Suppliers.