What is the difference between an ergonomic chair, an office chair, and a gaming chair?

Jul 21 2021

In this way, the ergonomic chair can be an office chair or an e-sports chair, but not all office chairs and e-sports chairs are ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are a technical classification, while office chairs and gaming chairs are classified for chair purposes, so they cannot be discussed together.

But we can clarify the characteristics of some ergonomic chairs, so that we can easily see whether this office chair or gaming chair is a qualified ergonomic chair.

1. Chair back
The ergonomic chair must conform to the back shape of the human body to even out the force on the back. The back of the chair must be adjustable, that is, the adjustment range may be different. Under normal circumstances, 2D (only height adjustment), 3D (height and angle adjustment), 4D (front, rear, left, right, up, down, and angle adjustment).

2. Lumbar support
The lumbar support structure of the ergonomic chair can be integrated with the chair back and separated.

The lumbar support is adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable also have four directions up and down. The non-adjustable ones are the more suitable arcs with existing designs.

3. Headrest
The headrest of the ergonomic chair can be adjusted up and down, and can also be rotated at an angle to fit the spine more. It can correct the wrong sitting posture and effectively relieve the problem of neck pain.

4. Handrail
The armrests of the ergonomic chair must also be configured to support the arms and reduce the fatigue of the arms. It is generally adjustable up and down from front to back, left to right.

5. Cushion
The cushion of the ergonomic chair is also more refined, with a curvature that fits the hips to evenly receive the force. It also has two adjustment directions: front, back, up, down, and down. There are two types of cushion materials, sponge and mesh, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.