What are the requirements for a good office ergonomic chair to meet dynamic requirements?

Feb 26 2020

Generally speaking, a good office ergonomic chair needs to meet these requirements.

Synchronous tilting structure, generally speaking, the new rearward tilting structure of the office ergonomic chair needs to be based on the physiological structure of the human body. Generally, the traditional rotating shaft needs to be moved from the middle of the seat to the front edge of the seat, and then cooperate Special structure, so that the feet of the user can contact the ground smoothly.

The elbow type tilting structure, generally speaking, this structure needs to adjust the angle of the back of the chair to achieve the requirement of dynamic balance, so that people can lean on different angles of the back when working, so as to adapt to different requirements of work nature.
office ergonomic chair
There is also a safe and reliable 5-jaw foot. Generally, the area of ​​the sole of the 5-jaw foot is about 20% larger than that of the 4-jaw foot, so the related safety is greatly improved. The 6-claw chair's foot area can increase by 5%, but it will catch the used feet, so it is actually inconvenient to use.

To choose a safe, flexible and durable chair wheel, because the floor material is different, when choosing a chair wheel, in addition to considering flexible steering, smooth rolling and pressure and wear resistance, you need to pay attention to the chair wheel material. .

High-quality chairs need to stand the test of a long time, so in general, the design needs to be reasonable, precise in structure, suitable in material and well-made.