What are the chassis of ergonomic chair for office?

Apr 23 2020

       Now when many people choose office chairs, they generally only pay attention to the appearance, function and price of ergonomic chair for office, and those who know about office chairs know that the core technology of office chairs lies in the design of the chassis. A good chassis allows Ang users to better operate and adjust the office chair, which undoubtedly improves the comfort and safety of the selected office chair.

       At present, the mainstream ergonomic chair for office chassis on the market can generally be divided into three types: one is the traditional three-function chassis, which is more common and has a larger market share. The chassis is generally equipped with two control devices, that is, the lifting control lever and the knob, which can basically be used for three functions of the office chair, that is, tilt and lock, tilt elastic lifting and weight adjustment. It is easy to operate. The right lever is the condition to control the reclining of the chair back. Pushing inward locks the back of the chair. Pulling out is to open the back of the chair and tilt it. Back pressure can be used to adjust the recline of the seat back. Another method is to adjust the lifting height of the office chair by turning the control lever clockwise.

      Then there is the engineering four-function chassis. Compared with the traditional three-function chassis, it has two obvious characteristics. First, the chassis adopts the wire control technology, which is to avoid the control device that directly extends from the internal structure like the traditional chassis, which can make the control position more concentrated and beautiful. The second is to increase the front and rear adjustment and depth adjustment of the seat, so that the ergonomic chair for office can adapt to customers of different heights. This design gives users a more intuitive feeling, which can make them more comfortable to sit in. The seat depth adjustment is one of the main differences between ordinary office chairs and engineering office chairs.
ergonomic chair for office
      Finally, it is an engineering five-function chassis. In addition to the above four functions, this type of chair chassis also adds cushion angle adjustment, which can meet the needs of different users in more ways. The design of the chassis is to closely combine the chassis and the seat, so the office chair manufacturer has assembled the chassis, the seat, and the back together. After the purchase, the customer only needs to install the air rod and the wheel.