What are the advantages of customization of office chairs? What are the disadvantages?

Sep 27 2020

It can be said that with the rise of the trend of office furniture customization, many office furniture factories have also followed the trend of customization. Among them, there are many manufacturers that mainly engage in office chairs. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of office chair customization? So what should you pay attention to when customizing office chairs? Let's talk about it next.

Advantages of custom office chairs:

1. The customization of office chairs is generally measured by professionals from the manufacturer. Several office chair materials are provided for customers to choose. Many customers choose environmentally friendly materials.

2. Observe the entire office environment and give some reference suggestions for office chair colors, and the customer can choose the color that suits his own environment to match it.

3. Explain the configuration of office chairs to customers. Customers can choose from three configuration details of low, medium and high. The size of office chairs is generally in line with industry standards.