Things to pay attention to when choosing a suitable office chair

Jun 17 2021

Nowadays, there are many kinds of office chairs and computer chairs, all kinds of strange, all kinds, a good office chair can help you protect your waist, neck and spine. So how can we choose a satisfactory office chair?

office chair

1. Style: consistent with your own hobby.

Nowadays, people's use of office furniture has changed from the traditional use function to the pursuit of visual and spiritual comfort, and then it has become a sustenance that can reflect personal unique taste and life attitude. As a static art, furniture is more and more loved by people. The style of the office chair can be described in a variety of poses, whether it is noble or lively or steady, making you dizzy.

2. Color: It's better to look comfortable.

Office chairs are rich in colors, common red, blue and orange. Among them, red gives people a feeling of stimulation and excitement, but when exposed to too much red, it will cause anxiety and emotional stress. Therefore, red office chairs should be avoided in the bedroom or study. Orange produces vitality. This color swivel chair is suitable for recreation rooms, but not suitable for bedrooms and study rooms. Blue gives people a sense of tranquility, so it's great to use blue chairs in the bedroom.

3. Function: Choose from the use of space.

The high-back swivel chair is very suitable for home use, and can convey a casual and relaxing home atmosphere; the streamlined shape, strong color contrast, and strong visual beauty of the swivel chair are very suitable for single nobles or family study rooms and studios; personal style A strong leisure swivel chair is suitable to be placed in the corner of the living room or on the balcony as a mood transition station. The more tranquil and elegant, the closer to the source of real life, and at the same time it brings more meaning to the personal living space.

4. Quality: inspect in all directions.

The style and function of an office chair are clear at a glance, but it is difficult to tell at a glance whether its inherent quality is good or bad. Therefore, how to identify the quality, you first need to go to the physical store to try to sit and feel the comfort of the cushion; then drag a distance on the ground, the wheel of a good swivel chair is relatively stable and will not slip; then press it by hand Check the seat surface, the cotton surface has good elasticity, indicating that the quality is good, if it does not spring up for a long time, it indicates that there is a problem with the inner quality. Finally, check whether the quality of the air cushion is reliable.