The classification and advantages and disadvantages of office chairs

Aug 24 2021

Different types of office chairs have different advantages and disadvantages, and there are certain differences in the scope of application. Therefore, when purchasing office chairs, customers must pay attention to how they are going to use them and what kind of office chairs they are suitable for. Otherwise, they will not only spend a lot of money, but in the end the seat is not suitable for them, which will inevitably give them to themselves. Cause a lot of trouble.

1. Work chair: It is mainly used in some production workshops. The composition of the chair is relatively simple, mainly made of mesh cloth or anti-static material. It is not very comfortable to use, but the price is very cheap.

2. Staff chair: This office chair is mainly suitable for use in general office environments, and is also the most common type of chair in the office. The advantage of this chair is that it is relatively small in size and occupies a small space, so it can be used in the office. There are a lot of places, and it will not take up too much space. However, the use effect may not be very comfortable. After sitting for a long time, you will feel sore and soft in your back. However, most companies may not consider that much in order to save money.

3. Mid-shift chair: The size of the mid-shift chair is relatively large, and the floor space is relatively large, but the number used in the office is not very large. It is mainly used by some management personnel. The shape is relatively atmospheric and the price is relatively high. A little bit. The effect is relatively good, but some physical discomfort will appear even after using it for a long time.

4. Executive chair: The executive chair is also called the boss chair. It has an atmospheric, stable and high-grade appearance. It is mostly made of solid wood and leather. It is very comfortable to use and not easy to feel tired. But the relative price is also the highest among many types of office chairs.