Talk about why children must be equipped with ergonomic desk chairs

Apr 07 2021

As children grow up, the need for a comfortable and fixed learning position has become an issue that every parent must consider.  Ergonomic desk chairs.The previous home visit of the teacher was to see if the child has an independent learning environment, rather than an environment that is not conducive to learning (easy to open a small difference) such as the dining table, the small table on the bed, and so on. Although I asked the children to complete their homework on the desk at the beginning, within a few days, I found that the height difference between the desk and chair and the universal sliding of the office chair affected the child's health and study concentration.
Most of the ergonomic furniture is accompanied by a universal sliding function, but for children who love to play, this is the disadvantage. It is very important to have a lock function. Children's ergonomic furniture must have specific characteristics of dynamic adjustment and static fixation.
The second is to consider the lifting function, the current suit can be adjusted directly with tables and chairs, so any height between the two can meet different needs of use, even the special needs of standing reading. Therefore, if there is space in the home, it is highly recommended to equip children who are in the growth period with a set of adjustable height study tables and chairs. Unlike children, the body structure of adults has been basically formed, so the requirements for ergonomics are not the same.