Precautions for choosing office chairs.

Dec 22 2020

In the process of office decoration, the choice of office chair is very important. When choosing an office chairs, you must first experience it. When you sit down, your feet should be free to put on the ground, your arms can be completely relaxed, and you should also pay attention to whether the back to the waist support is satisfactory. The shorter armrests can bring the seat closer to the table, so when choosing a seat, you can find a table to try.

1. The depth of the office chair is more formal. People will sit upright while working. If you want to sit in a proper posture, just adjust it in the "shallow" position in front of the chair. If at home, people are very relaxed, so it is impossible to go deeper. Therefore, when you buy it, you can sit down and experience the depth of the whole body, and then you can know whether it meets the needs of the office.

2. The height of the office chairs foot is close to the length of the user's foot. Of course, except for high chairs, the height of the seat surface of the chair is actually not too exaggerated. However, if there is a shorter person in the unit, you also need to consider it. When you sit on a high place with armrests, if you are used to hanging your hands, you can choose an office chairs with lower armrests or no armrests. However, if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armrest needs a higher height, and a chair with a deeper seating surface may be the best choice.

Office Chairs

3. The height of the office chairs. For those who like to sit in unstable positions, they can choose not only chairs without armrests and backrests, but also chairs with low armrests and backrests. At this time, the weight of the sitting person is at the waist. If you like to put your weight on the back of the chair, you can choose a chair with a high back at this time. At this time, you can see whether the height of the back is close to his neck. Sometimes the height of the back of the chair is close to the neck, and the user will habitually put the neck on the back of the chair at a 90-degree angle, which can easily cause neck injuries.

4. Although the inclination of the chair between the cushion and the backrest is about 90 degrees, in fact, most office chairs are slightly backwards, and the whole person can sit on the chair safely. In leisure time, most people sit on it as if lying on a chair. Pay attention to the softness of the cushion and backrest. If there is no extra cushion, just look at the hardness of the material itself. The extra part is to pay attention to the internal filler used, you can sit on it and experience the feeling.

5. The stability of the office chairs. By paying attention to the operation of the chair in the structural details, especially the single seat mainly supported by the legs of the chair, it is necessary to pay more attention to the structural problems, such as the joint inspection of the card and the screw, which is very important. It is recommended that the user experience the trial sitting as much as possible and shake the body gently to achieve the stability of the chair.