Office swivel chairs inspection standards and testing

Oct 25 2019

The inspection of the office swivel chairs can be tested from the safety of the casters of the chair, the stability of the load, the impact of the seat and the load of the handrail, and the safety of various types of computer chairs on the market.

The first point of inspection is the slidability of the casters. The casters are one of the parts that the office swivel chairs can slide back and forth at will. The sliding sensitivity of the casters is a very important aspect of judging the computer chair. If the resistance of the caster is too large and sensitive, then there will be a lot of inconveniences in the use process, and it is very likely to cause human injury, so the inspection index of the caster is its sliding sensitivity.
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The second point of the test is the stability of the force. The stability test of the chair is generally based on whether the chair is tilted or tipped over in the normal use of the chair. If the chair design does not meet the standard, it can cause the user to have some unnecessary problems or cause harm during use.

The third point of the test is the impact of the seat weight. The impact of the seat weight is the test of the strength and safety of the seat. The process is to use the weight of the object to fall to the seat surface N+1 times. Collapse or damage, so as to verify the strength of the material of the chair, seat, chassis and other components.

The fourth point of the test is the static load of the handrail. The static load test of the handrail of the chair is an important part of checking the strength of the armrest of a chair. The first point of the test is that the weight is vertically pressed down the handrail, and the second point is pushing inward. And pull the handrail test outward, observe the change of the handrail at these two points to see if there is deformation, tearing, and breakage. If it is simulated that the normal use of the handrail occurs, it can be judged that the standard is not met, and the accident may occur. .