Office chairs choose swivel office chairs or bow chairs?

Dec 05 2019

Selecting an office chair is very important for office workers. Long-term work requires most of them to sit in the chair, and a comfortable chair is very important for office workers. So when choosing an office chair, should I choose swivel office chairs or bow chairs?

Both of them have wheels to move, and the discs can move up and down. This function needs to be combined with your actual situation. The swivel chair is easy to move but covers a large area. It is not recommended for rooms with a small area. Swivel chairs are generally superior to bow chairs in terms of flexibility, and bow chairs are superior to swivel chairs in terms of comfort. The swivel chair generally has a lifting function, so it can fit everyone's body i, but the bow chair does not have this function.
swivel office chairs
Swivel chairs and bow chairs are generally used more in the workplace and in life. When choosing, you must pay attention to whether the functions can be used. Generally speaking, the office is more suitable for swivel chairs, while the conference room is more suitable for bow chairs. Different office chairs have different functions, so they should be selected according to actual needs. Offices that are relatively large in the office area can choose to transfer. For office spaces with narrow spaces, bow chairs are better.