How to extend the service life of office ergonomic chair

Oct 25 2019

Presumably everyone is familiar with office ergonomic chair, and many homes have office ergonomic chair. Office office ergonomic chair is one of the necessary office furniture. So how much do you know about it?
                                       office ergonomic chair

Understand how office ergonomic chair can prolong its service life in daily life? In order to extend the service life of the office ergonomic chair, it needs to be maintained and maintained. Then let's briefly introduce it to everyone.

The first point is that the chair should avoid the long-term exposure of the sun. No matter which season, the long-term direct sunlight will make the chair dry and become brittle or fade.

The second point is to prevent moisture. The chair is not suitable for being placed in a damp and non-ventilated place. It is necessary to prevent the material of the chair from encountering moisture for a long time and it will rust and rust.

The third point is to avoid heavy objects from pressing on the chair. In normal times, care should be taken to avoid hard objects touching and scratching. Therefore, in order to protect the surface of the computer chair from scratches and hanging wires, it is best not to press heavy objects.

The fourth point is to keep the surface of the computer chair clean and dust-free. It is not cleaned with a damp cloth or vacuumed. It needs to be cleaned with a professional cleaner.