How to choose swivel office chairs

Jan 31 2020

swivel office chairs generally refer to chairs with a rotating shaft, which can be divided into two types: semi-swivel chairs and full-swivel chairs. The shadows of swivel chairs are often seen in current offices, and many offices are equipped with various swivel chairs to adapt to various office environments. How much do you know about the quality standards on the swivel chair?

According to the swivel office chairs manufacturer, the core technology of the office swivel chair is on the air pressure rod. If you want to distinguish the quality of the transfer, you can distinguish it based on the air pressure rod. Generally, the inferior air pressure rod is made of inferior materials. Once the air lever is damaged, the swivel chair is broken.
swivel office chairs
There is also a hidden disadvantage. Poor quality air pressure rods can also cause potential safety threats. The air pressure rods of swivel chairs are generally flushed with nitrogen, while the low quality air pressure rods of the swivel chairs are filled with ordinary air. The nitrogen bar is very stable and will not change due to external pressure. However, after using the inferior swivel chair for a period of time, the air pressure rod will fall into the impurities, so when the air pressure is squeezed and increased by the external force, the air pressure rod may burst, which may hurt people.