How to buy an office chair to determine whether the price is reasonable?

Dec 24 2019

When you buy an office chair, you can see the entire mall full of discounts, special offers, and group purchase promotions when you walk in the progress hall. How can you spend less money to buy suitable office furniture? Here you need to see the logic behind the event held by the merchant. Buy a good office chair at the most reasonable price?

1, raise the plateau price before the event

The most commonly used method for many office chair manufacturers is to raise the original price before the event starts, and then put a price reduction sign to attract customers. Before the event, you must first step on the point, choose office furniture first, or try to cut the price first, you can not say what the business is.
office chair
2, deliberately fuzzy guide price

Now many office chair stores will blur the guide price, thus attracting customers with special prices, because if the store wants to deliberately obscure the office furniture manufacturer's guide price, it will tear off the guide price label on the sample of the store, and the office furniture product will The customer paid for the purchase and sent it to his home. Only then did the customer see the price tag affixed to it and knew that he had bought it expensive. Therefore, when shopping, you need to carefully check the office furniture manufacturer's guide price on the sample, and you can also ask the shopping guide.

After purchase, you need to save the purchase receipt. After the office chair is delivered, you need to check whether the outer envelope is affixed with a price tag. If it is different from the purchase price, it can be used as a basis for claiming the difference and protecting the rights from the merchant.