How to choose an Office Chairs that protects the spine

Jun 17 2021

Professionals spend 8-10 hours in office chairs every day, and they often feel back pain. For those with lumbar and back diseases, prolonged sitting for a long time will aggravate the condition and bring life and work to life. In order to influence, the office chairs must be upgraded from sitting function to comfort and reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine, so as to reduce the discomfort of the disease.

office chairs

1. The chassis must be stable, and it is often necessary to move during work. The use of caster chairs has become the mainstream. Five-point support casters meet the new requirements for stability and will not tip over, which improves safety.

2. The material is selected according to actual needs, divided into mesh and leather, each with its own characteristics: the leather is easy to clean, but the air permeability is poor; the mesh has good air permeability, but does not keep the body stable; the backrest must be hard and not too soft.

3. The armrests should not be too high, which will cause the shoulders to rise, which can easily cause discomfort in the waist, back and neck.

4. Adjustability is very important. The corresponding comfort can be adjusted according to the physical state and feeling of different users, including: the height, depth and inclination of the seat, the height and inclination of the back of the chair, the height of the armrest and width.

5. The back of the chair supports the lumbar, and there must be an arc design to support the lumbar spine. We are often used to putting a pillow behind the waist. If the pad is in the wrong position, it will be self-defeating and cause discomfort.