Ergonomic chair purchase points | Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Apr 07 2021

An ergonomic chair, literally understood, is a chair designed based on the natural needs of the human body. To meet the needs of [sit comfortable], it should focus on effective support for the physiological curvature of the spine, while providing multi-functional adjustment capabilities for up and down, front and back, and try to adapt to different Height and weight of users.Best Ergonomic Office Chairs
Lumbar support is a standard configuration of engineering chairs, and is also the most important purchase point for engineering chairs. It is divided into adjustable and non-adjustable. The lumbar support area and adjustment options are the top priorities for purchase. The most important thing for a chair to be uncomfortable is the chair back and lumbar support. These two are also the places we need to care about when buying a chair. There are two main types of backrests of engineering chairs on the market, one-piece type and back-separated type.
The biggest problem with the waist-back separation is that the waist-back is too protruding. We need the chair back and lumbar support to share the pressure on the spine and relieve the entire back when we sit on a chair. That requires the entire back to be in contact with the back of the chair. In theory, the larger the contact area, the greater the pressure shared by the chair, and the more the person is. Comfortable. This protruding design makes the area of ​​the back contact too small. In order to share the force, the user will unconsciously push the back to the back of the chair. The elasticity of the lumbar support will cause the waist and the lumbar support to oppose, and the result is the waist. Under great pressure, many people say that "back waist" is the reason, and this situation is more obvious when sitting in a tight-knit manner.
[Air bar] The biggest safety hazard of a chair that can be raised and lowered freely is the air bar.
[Chassis] The chassis is generally made of metal, which is the last line of defense to protect the body. The thicker the steel plate, the better the protection effect. On the other hand, the chassis also undertakes the functions of chair lift, chair back pitch and sitting depth adjustment. Excellent control logic is also one of the key points of reference.