Custom ergonomic office chairs purchase knowledge

Oct 18 2019

1. Choosing a comfortable custom ergonomic office chairs is crucial. When you buy, you can feel whether the back of the chair is moderately soft or not. The curve of the back of the chair is not suitable for the curvature of the human spine. Is there a full support for the back? Is the waist relieved and the back pressure is too heavy? Is there any guarantee? Correct posture. Whether the seat is wide and thick, comprehensive support. It can reduce the impact force caused by the weight of the human body when sitting down, and can relieve the pressure on the buttocks during the long-term desk, thereby relaxing the body and mind, thereby improving work efficiency.

                        Custom ergonomic office chairs
2, in addition to choosing its style, color, comfort, but also pay attention to the origin, structure and the quality of sponge and leather.

3, comfortable In addition to maintaining a good body curve, a conference chair must not be forgotten to sit comfortably, want to sit comfortably, then the cushion is very important. In general, the seat cushions are preferably formed in one piece so as to keep the elasticity from deforming.

Muscle is extremely important to support the body. Good cushions can give proper support to the body, which in turn reduces fatigue. Therefore, the softness of the seat cushion is too high or too low. The cushions with really good quality will generally have a certain weight. Tolerance, even if the user sits on it for a long time, will not feel excessive fatigue.

The three-degree curved surface seat that must conform to the human body curve can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure can be evenly dispersed without focusing on a certain point, and at the same time, because of a slight tilt, there will be Stabilize the effect of the pelvis, this is to avoid sliding forward when sitting, in addition, the sleek seat design can also reduce the friction and contact inside the knee joint, which is very beneficial to health.