Custom ergonomic office chairs need to pay attention to what matters

Nov 21 2019

Office chairs are the necessary hardware equipment for the company. With the increasing demand for personalization, office chair customization has become the demand of many entrepreneurial companies. What should we pay attention to when we are custom ergonomic office chairs?

Note 1: The problem of office chair customization is after sale.

Because the custom-made chairs are not regular styles, it is generally difficult to get a fix after the sale or increase the after-sales expenses. Then we must first pay attention to the choice of brand manufacturers, the top ten brand manufacturers in the pre-sales and after-sales services have a lot of investment, can provide you with a very good customized service. General brand office furniture manufacturers have nationally recognized or third-party agencies issued brand certificates, as well as product quality testing certificates, as well as the participation in the major exhibitions have been recognized by the community and so on.
custom ergonomic office chairs
Note 2: Office chair customization needs to have a basis.

The size of the office chair varies according to the size of the company, the staffing, and the user. The number of people to be determined and expected during the customization process is generally customized for the staff area office chair, customized by the number and area;

If the object is the leadership office, you need to understand the user's style, hobbies and office space. The data is then used to determine the size and number of customizations. However, these can require manufacturers to provide services, and you can reasonably customize the office chair.

Note 3: The choice of office chair color matching.

Often it is difficult to customize the office furniture in the color system, because few people in the office decoration process will consider whether the environment and furniture are harmonious. Then the design team needs to go to the site to select the color selection of the office to determine the choice of the main color of the office chair.