About the inspection standard and test of computer task chair

Aug 17 2020

Computer task chair inspections generally need to test the safety of various computer task chairs on the market in terms of the sliding properties of computer task chairs, the stability of the force, the impact of the seat weight and the loadability of the armrests. Next, the computer task chair manufacturers will talk about the inspection standards of computer task chair.

The first point of inspection is the sliding properties of the casters. The casters are one of the parts that can slide back and forth at will. The sliding sensitivity of the casters is an important aspect of judging the computer task chair. If the resistance of the caster is too high and it is not sensitive, there will be many changes in the use process, which may cause human injury, so the inspection index of the caster is its sliding sensitivity.
computer task chair
The second point of the test is the force stability. The stability test of the computer task chair is generally based on whether the chair will tilt or fall over when the computer task chair is used normally. If the design of the computer task chair does not meet the standard, it may cause unnecessary problems or harm to people during use.

The third point of the test is the impact of the seat weight. The seat weight impact of the computer task chair is a test of the strength and safety of the seat surface of the chair. The process is to use a heavy object to impact the seat surface N+1 times. Check whether the seat surface is collapsed or damaged, and you can also check the strength of the computer task chair legs, seat plate, chassis and other components.

The fourth point of the test is the static load of the handrail. The static load test of the computer task chair is an important part of testing the strength of the handrail of a computer task chair. Push inward and pull out the handrail to test.